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Ukraine has become a major player in the global tech arena. There are 208 universities in Ukraine that educate students in IT-related fields. The IT talent pool in Ukraine is approaching 200,000 software developers, tech startups are booming, the flow of investments is increasing, and the number of companies that partner with Ukrainian software development service providers is growing. And 20% of the world’s leading tech companies have offices in Ukraine.

Microsoft, Oracle, Skype, IBM, and Snapchat. They all have developing centers in Ukraine and actively collaborate with local developers.

About 7% of the country’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP) is generated in the field of IT (around 3.5 bln USD in the year 2015) and it is expected to be increasing up to 15% of GDP by 2020.

From The Labor Code of Ukraine

Working Hours

The standard working week length is 40 hours with 5 working days per week and 8 working hours per day. However, the employer may adopt a decision to introduce a six-day working week with up to 7 working hours per day.

Common Employee Benefits / Perks

Although many IT specialists are hired as contractors (to save on payroll taxes), it is generally accepted they receive off the book benefits identical to those of full-time employees.


24 calendar days a year. An employee is obliged to take at least 14 days in a row unless otherwise provided by the employer. Vacation may be claimed after at least 6 months of employment.

Sick Leave

Up to 21 days paid by the employer, unless other is specified in the agreement.

Medical insurance

Reputable IT companies provide their employees with medical insurance coverage from private insurance companies. Put this together with an exact insurance package can be negotiable.

Taxes and Legislation

The employer should pay 18% personal income tax, 1.5% military tax, and 22% social payment. In total employers are levied with 41.5% of salary tax.

P.S. Many skilled IT professionals are expecting to receive salaries in cash in USD.