Why Do You Need DEBRA, LLC?

Do You Know?

  • Nearly 50 percent of all recent/new candidates inevitably leave their jobs in the first 18 months.

  • Studies have found that almost 90% of turnover is a result of poor hiring decisions.

  • The interview process is long and tedious, yet extremely important to securing ideal talent. Over 69% of employers reported that a bad hire was a result of an inadequate interview process.

Why Do You Need Debra Services?

Our answer is simple:

  • The language barrier, Ukraine is one of the lowest countries in Europe in terms of English speaking abilities.

  • Do you have the time, the searching capabilities, and the sourcing expertise, go right ahead!

  • You know that Self-application in business is tricky, as it’s time-consuming, and it often minimizes the company’s maximum benefits.

  • Sure you can calculate your own Finances, but do you really have the time to analyze and break down to ensure that you are on the right track?

  • Sure, you can manage your own investments, but do you really have the time to follow every market change and portfolio strength?

  • In a restless business world, the expected time is never certain. Competition is fierce, the budget cannot be controlled and the need for qualified employees is not a luxury, but a necessity. Why minimize your chances of finding the ideal candidate due to time constraints or lack of expertise?

  • Debra gives you a 30-day probationary period, if you are not satisfied we are obliged to provide the replacement free of charge.

Debra will take care of everything for you

  • The administrative, legal, and financial issues on behalf of you for your employees who work full-time in our offices.

  • Coordinate and supervise the work of employees and support staff.

  • Plan and oversee employee Attendance, Absence, Sick leave, Holidays, and benefits.

  • Plan and coordinate an employer’s workforce to the best use of his employees talents.

  • Maintain both hard and digital copies of employees’ records.

  • Posting job ads and organizing resumes and job applications

  • Assist with the recruitment process by identifying candidates, performing reference checks, and issuing employment contracts.

  • Administering new employment assessments, contracts, and questions

  • Assist with performance management procedures.

  • Schedule meetings, interviews, events and maintain agendas.

  • Coordinate training sessions and seminars.

  • Link an employer’s management with its employees.

  • Perform orientations and update records of new staff.

  • Produce and submit Daily, weekly, Monthly, and Yearly reports on general HR activity.

  • Translating and recording interviews and documents between employers and employees.

  • Handle employees and recruiting issues.

  • Educating your employees about legal and liability to protect your data.

  • Securing all your data and project information from leakage.

  • Provide you with computer live screen monitoring to make sure your employee is working efficiently.

  • Taking care of all your employees financials on behalf of you such as Salary, Benefits, Bounce, insurance, penalties, etc., and report it to you.

  • Live webcam office monitoring access.

What Are the Benefits of Hiring DEBRA’s Remote Developers?

Reasonable Prices

You will definitely save costs by hiring programmers somewhere in Eastern Europe, for example. Top IT specialists are cheaper there than the similar in Europe or G.C.C. The money you save hiring foreigners can be spent on developing additional options or features for your software.

Dedicated Teams of Experts

Expert groups are the biggest pro you can get of outsourcing. Those are teams consisting of single-skilled experts collaborating on software development. They are used to work together as a team, that's why those people won’t spare their time for conflict resolution or getting used to each other.

Office Space

When you hire offshore developers you don’t need extra working space in your office. Your new employees work remotely. It cuts expenses for office furniture, hardware, and, the main thing, additional taxes.

Thinking Out of the Box

Typically, most customers get surprised when they hear an outside perspective. Remote employees come up with fresh opinions on standard things. You may like some of the ideas or concepts they offer and approve those for implementing. Expertise in different domains and a strong background in IT of dedicated teams make them think out of the box every time they have a new customer.

Allocated Time-to-Market

Usually, offshore developers give their clients a precise and clear time-to-market understanding so that the latter could craft a marketing strategy and plan pre-sales. In-house full-time workers rarely stick to deadlines as they consider development to be a part of their job but not a part of their employer’s success.