Benefits of working for DEBRA LLC

Office-based Full-time Remote Hiring Services

  • We offer You a Job Security
    We provide you with the assurance that you’ll keep your job without the risk of becoming unemployed. So your job can be secured through terms of an employment contract. Apart from that the quality of your work, commitment, development, and good communication skills will help you keep your position safe. Job security in its turn will motivate you to work better.
  • Get long or Short term contracts
    Who doesn’t love long-term contracts and job security? We all do. Well, on Debra Full Time Remote out-staffing Hiring services, it is easy to get contracts that last for years depending on your experience, the quality of work, the type of work, the amount of work a client has, and above all finishing tasks and projects on time.
  • Earn Bonuses and Extra Benefits
    Imagine starting your day by getting notified that you are getting a bonus for a project well done. Debra is always encouraging the Clients to reward their employees/developers. A CASH bonus, Medical insurance, gifts, traveling holiday expenses, technical training courses, etc.
  • Interacting with Employers from all over the world
    By embarking on Debra Full Time Remote out-staffing Hiring services, you are opening up to the world. Your CV/Profile will be checked and reviewed by high-quality I.T. companies/clients from all over the world, especially Arabian Gulf Countries and your qualities and reputation could open limitless opportunities with them.
  • Get to learn new things
    If you want to learn new things/new techniques, Debra Full Time Remote Hiring services is an awesome place to be. A simple way to learn is by doing new tasks and projects from your client and exchanging experiences with your colleagues and seeing how things are done in other parts of the world in high-quality professional companies. 
  • Full Setup Working Environment
    We will provide you with a full setup high-quality working environment for FREE. This includes a private desk, Internet access, advanced computers (PC or Laptop), latest software updates, new equipment, printers, etc. We will even provide you with coffee and tea services. All you need is to complete your tasks and projects comfortably on time.
  • Teamwork And Experience sharing
    At Debra Full Time Remote Hiring Services Office you will always find colleagues working next to your desk, who have knowledge, experience, and time to help or cover for you, especially in your short deadlines or if you have personal emergencies and can’t meet your clients’ expectations.