Advantages and disadvantages of hiring DEBRA Out-Staffing Vs Freelancer

`` DEBRA Out-Staffing works for a single company and paid a monthly salary, will always dedicate his Full-Time to his employer. ``

`` A freelancer is a self-employed person offering services, usually to individuals and businesses, and often to multiple clients at a time. ``

Factors DEBRA’s Out-Staffing   Freelancers / Out-Sourcing
Lower Rates
Work Quality
Quality Control  
Work Benefits Appreciation  
Finish Work Fast
Variety of Skills  
Work Remotely
Do Not Need Office Space
No Overhead
Ease of Replacement
Connections and Resources
Loyal for the employer  
Make More Money  
Many Jobs at the same time  
High Risk  
Always Available  
No Extra Charges or Cost  
Care About Reviews
Work for Different Client  
Work for His Employer only  
Ease of communicating  
Ease of Reach  
Deadline Control  
Easy to Disappear  
Additional Work for Free  
Work Privacy Control  
More Hiring Options
Job Security  
Debra Hiring Insurance  
Flexible Payment Plans  

What will be your choice?

Hiring a random busy freelancer from the internet without any REAL guarantees and intellectual rights?

OR having your own full-time employee who will work daily only for you in one of DEBRA’s high-quality comfortable and fully equipped workplaces in his own city with sincerity, loyalty, and focus without any responsibility or extra cost on you!


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